With a background in teaching and professional theatre, including 15 years as Head of Education then Director of Projects with the Royal Shakespeare Company, I first became involved in customer events, pitches and presentations around 1990.

I’ve subsequently worked with individual Captains of Industry preparing for shareholders’ meetings, graduate entrants at the start of their careers, highly experienced sales and pitch teams working on major presentations and keynote speakers at international conferences.

The sectors in which I have most experience are banking and financials, marketing and technical, particularly computing and software development. 

Whether it be literature, newspapers, song lyrics or speeches, words have always been important to me. So, content matched with audience needs and delivery style leads, I believe, to presentations that rise above the general noise of business communication. 

Working with presenters to choose that content, write succinctly then deliver clearly, interestingly and with conviction is the challenge, the fascination and is what I do!




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